Zoning Evaluation & Density Visualizations

Stafford County, VA

Applied Expertise

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Zoning
  • Public Involvement
  • Urban Design
  • Design Standards
  • Economic Development


Stafford County, VA, is a rapidly growing community located halfway between Washington, DC, to the north and the state capital, Richmond, to the south. It is home to the Quantico Marine Corps Base. The dominant issues identified by the County’s comprehensive plan include transportation, loss of a rural community character, historical preservation and a lack of organization in community development.

We developed an urban design plan for the future physical form of the County. A series of build-out scenarios land density visualizations were developed to communicate the urban design plan and to evaluate its impacts on future growth issues. We used 3-D visual graphics to illustrate variations in development densities and potential urban design schemes. We have the proposed redevelopment for a shopping plaza into a dense mixed-use residential and commercial development. We are able to examine the development from any angle and zoom-in to show how an individual building may be designed.