Plan for Revitalization

Port Colborne, ON

Applied Expertise

  • Land Use
  • Tourism Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Economic Development
  • Public Input
  • Implementation


The City of Port Colborne is a located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, along the northern edge of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Welland Canal. The Plan for Revitalization addressed a vital area in the City, the Port Colborne Gateway area, which encompasses the historic Humberstone Village and the City’s Main Street corridor. The main entrance into the City, the Gateway area is of central importance to the City’s development. The purpose of the Plan is to promote economic development along the commercial corridor while preserving the historic qualities of historic village. The Plan utilizes a tourism development strategy to help the community reach its goals of revitalization. Several signature projects were identified to spur development such as a Welland Canal Interpretive Center, a Welland Canal Observation Platform, a North Island Amphitheatre, a Visitors Center and Chamber of Commerce, South Island Linear Park and Trails, a Trolley Car Depot and a Humberstone Heritage Walk. In addition, the Plan detailed streetscape concepts, a concept for potential design guidelines, a detailed implementation plan and several available funding tools for the study area and for potential investors in the study area.