Mount Calvary Cemetery Group

Cheektowaga, NY

Applied Expertise

  • Parks & Open Space Planning
  • Design Standards
  • Streetscapes
  • Public Involvemet
  • Heritage & Tourism
  • Infrastructure


Mount Calvary consists of five historic properties within which peter j. smith & company, inc., has completed numerous landscape architecture and design projects over the course of more than two decades. The Mount Calvary Cemetery Group Master Plan incorporates commemoration, quiet contemplation and an expression of the cemeteries’ roles in the community. Features include a signature gateway on a major thoroughfare; the“Community Cathedral,” an Hispanic community feature; and the Mount Calvary Cemetery Cremation Garden.

In addition to landscape architecture and design services,we provide strategic and organizational planning services to Mount Calvary Cemetery Group’s executive and board leadership including succession planning, research reports and briefs, feasibility studies and public input programs.