London Ontario Secondary Plan

London, ON

Applied Expertise

  • Urban Design
  • Design Standards
  • Market Analysis
  • Downtown Development
  • Transportation
  • Public Involvement
  • Visioning
  • Heritage & Tourism


The Secondary Plan presents a strategy for the Beaufort / Gunn / Saunby / Essex Street Neighbourhood, a residential community located adjacent to the University of Western Ontario and bounded by the Thames River. The plan was initiated in response to resident concern regarding intensification. The Neighbourhood has been under significant pressure to intensify its existing housing stock, primarily to accommodate the nearby student population.

With the completion of a detailed background review and interactive public input program using three-dimensional massing models, the Secondary Plan addressed Neighbourhood issues by developing an “urban village” concept for the Neighbourhood. The concept features a complete community focused on a vibrant mixed use commercial centre and diverse residential neighbourhoods that offer an active, personal, comfortable and educational experience in support of the neighbouring University of Western Ontario. The Secondary Plan provides tools to implement this concept, including a detailed design plan, design guidelines, recommendations and policies to achieve the Neighbourhood vision.