Lake Ontario Park

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Applied Expertise

  • Parks and Open Space
  • Waterfronts
  • Public Involvement
  • Interpretive Planning


After more than 100 years, this 48-acre major urban waterfront park, a destination for residents and visitors to the City, was in need of rehabilitation. peter j. smith & company prepared a master plan to guide the park redevelopment in the coming years. Two alternative park master plan scenarios were developed. ‘Kingston EnviroPark’ and ‘Kingston ArtPark.’

After extensive public input the final master plan is based on EnviroPark but includes open and natural spaces from the ArtPark alternative. The park features programmable areas and a children’s play area with a major water feature, trials, overlooks and recreation areas. Design guidelines were prepared focusing on ‘green’ design and construction techniques including solar lighting, recycled building materials, habitat creation, indigenous plantings and permeable paving.