Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site Wayfinding Signage Program

City of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Applied Expertise

  • Environmental Planning
  • Interpretive Planning
  • Parks and Open Space Planning
  • Recreation Planning
  • Trails


The Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site is a 105-acre “Central Park” for the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. The former landfill was designed by peter j. smith & company, inc. for the Regional Municipality with an emphasis on environmental education and appreciation. Its major features include a children’s area, outdoor classrooms, educational displays, visitor’s pavilion, boardwalk, arboretum and a wildflower meadow. Trails link the site with other regional attractions.

Following completion of the Naturalization Site, we were re-engaged to develop a program to enhance visitor navigation and enjoyment. The program includes an informational and wayfinding brochure, directional sign panels located at key points around the site and a trailhead site map. More than 20 interpretive panels have been installed so far. Additional interpretive panels are designed and installed as the park is developed under a long-term agreement with our client.