Greenspace Master Plan

Brandon, MB

Applied Expertise

  • Design Standards
  • Heritage & Tourism
  • Interpretive Planning
  • Parks & Open Space
  • Policy Planning
  • Public Involvement
  • Recreation
  • Trails


The City of Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba, with a proud history as a destination for athletic events. Considered “the host city”, both the Canada Summer Games and the Canada Winter Games have been held in Brandon. Attention to the City’s Greenspace is directly related to the community’s ability to host significant events. To maintain and enhance the development of Greenspaces, the City commissioned peter j. smith & company, inc. to conduct a ten year update to the Greenspace Master Plan.

This Master Plan takes a systems-based approach to Greenspace development in Brandon, creating a new classification of Greenspaces based on the unique characteristics of the community. Greenspaces are tied to activities of daily life to promote the health and well-being of residents and visitors. In addition, the Master Plan prepares the City to tackle the goals and objectives of the community with a usable planning document that highlights citywide next steps and provides recommendations and capital improvement steps for each City Greenspace.