St. Thomas Elevated Park

St. Thomas, ON

Applied Expertise

  • Heritage & Tourism
  • Recreation
  • Trails
  • Urban Design


Kettle Creek in St. Thomas, Ontario, has been traversed by railroads since the 1870s. The existing iconic double-track structure dates to 1929 when it was constructed to replace a trestle bridge. An engineering marvel of its time, the bridge is one of the most recognizable features on the landscape of Southwestern Ontario and at its peak was one of Canada’s busiest rail corridors. Since its abandonment it has sat unused.

A local non-profit, On Track St. Thomas, the new owner of the bridge, has engaged peter j. smith & company to develop a plan to preserve the bridge as Canada’s first elevated park. It will take its place among only a handful of true elevated parks created from rail lines in the world. The Master Management Plan will establish a program to develop the elevated park including budgets, preliminary concepts, design schematics and design guidelines. It will also include an educational and interpretation framework and an economic development, marketing and promotions strategy.