Pine Lawn Cremation Care Center

Cheektowaga, NY

Applied Expertise

  • Parks & Open Space
  • Interpretive Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Heritage & Tourism


Responding to a shift in culture in which almost 60 percent of families choose cremation for their loved ones, Mount Calvary Cemetery Group commissioned a new master plan for Pine Lawn Cemetery. The new Cremation Care Center is a community resource and amenity focusing on celebrating and memorializing lives in a “green” and sustainable development context. Within the property, plazas, walkways, special commemorative areas and gardens organize the Cremation Care Center. The existing Pine Lawn Chapel expands to a chapel complex with space for as many as four events simultaneously.

Each area of the property offers unique and dignified special areas to commemorate loved ones. Mausoleums and columbaria offer options for niches in walls, along walkways, in a forest setting and in the chapel complex. There are gardens throughout the property including a formal orchard, a themed herb garden with flowers and ornamental plants, a special area for commemoration of people and their pets and two sculpture areas. peter j. smith & company, inc. is working with Mount Calvary on regulatory and other fronts to help implement the plan.


2012 Merit Award - Planning & Analysis, NY Upstate Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

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