Plan of Conservation & Development

Enfield, CT

Applied Expertise

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Waterfront Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Build-out Analysis
  • Sustainability Analysis
  • Public Outreach


The Plan of Conservation and Development is a state-required planning tool that provides a framework for local land use policies and regulations and the rationale for proposed zoning revisions. Numerous public forums and focus groups allow residents from different parts of the community to gather and discuss how they are affected by local regulations and outline needed community improvements. As a result of these discussions, we were been able to identify issues related to community identity, downtown revitalization, historic preservation, public access along the waterfront, wetlands and zoning regulations and a declining manufacturing base.
The resulting community vision elevates the unique attributes of each of Enfield’s hamlets and unites them through awareness of shared needs and aspirations. The vision outlines a sustainable community including a network of diverse neighborhoods and commercial areas linked by cultural and natural attractions such as historic sites, the Connecticut and Scantic rivers, and preservation of rural and agricultural lands.