Zoning Update & Hamlet District Design Standards

DeWitt, NY

Applied Expertise

  • Zoning
  • Public Input
  • Economic Development
  • Urban Design


The Town of DeWitt is a first ring suburb of the City of Syracuse. The Town contains a variety of residential neighborhoods, retail centers, office parks and industrial uses. peter j. smith & company, inc was contracted by the Town to update their zoning code. The updated Zoning Code incorporated several prior Town Laws into a consolidated, well organized, straight-forward document. Conflicts in interpretation of the old code were eliminated and sign regulations were improved. During the zoning update process, it became apparent that separate consideration and a separate process were necessary for the Jamesville Hamlet Area, which has a unique historical character. peter j. smith & company, inc. was contracted to create a Hamlet Design District as an amendment to the Town’s adopted Zoning Code. The new district included design standards that were specific to the Hamlet. The design standards ensured that new development would be in context with the Historic 19th century industrial/mill town character. Signage standards required new signs to have the appearance of being hand crafted from wood or stone.