peter j. smith & company, inc. provides a wide variety of services to municipal clients and community organizations in the areas of Urban & Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture & Design. Our capabilities in these fields are:

Urban & Regional Planning

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Zoning & Design Guidelines
  3. Economic Development
  4. Heritage & Culture
  5. Tourism
  6. Greenway & Blueway
  7. Parks & Recreation
  8. Environmental
  9. Sustainability
  10. Brownfields

Landscape Architecture & Design

  1. Urban Design
  2. Downtowns
  3. Waterfronts
  4. Scenic Byways
  5. Parks & Open Space
  6. Streetscapes & Plazas
  7. Cemeteries
  8. Trails
  9. Wayfinding
  10. Interpretation

Our planners, designers and landscape architects offer effective plans, studies and designs that can be easily understood and implemented. We work in a highly collaborative environment to which every member of our staff contributes. We possess a diverse set s of skills we successfully combine to resolve the social, environmental, cultural, economic and aesthetic issues which urban, suburban and rural communities face.

All landscape architectural services are provided by peter j. smith landscape architect, PLLC.